🏡 Foodie Vacation Micro-dosing: Day 4 Report

🏡 Foodie Vacation Micro-dosing: Day 4 Report

To wrap up this micro-vacation, we opted to take it very easy on our last day to have the stamina to spare for the long drive back home.

We had originally planned to visit Mango Like Dessert, specifically the one in the mall because they had better opening hours/days, but that was too far westward (away from home) so we dropped that option. Instead, we thought to taste-test Classic Juice Co potions, but ultimately decided to even skip that detour.

The extremely optimized plan would have us pick up fresh foods from T&T Supermarket, drive most of the way home with a gas-stop in a small town featuring optimally low gas prices, and then get home as early as possible.

The treasures we found at T&T this time included: high quality chocolate puffs, egg + ham buns, chicken gua-bao, red bean paste buns, chrysanthemum + honey tea, above-above grade grocery-store sushi, chinese food buffet bar goodies, fresh milk tea at half-sugar, green-tea mochi-like snacks, spicy pig ears, asian noodle-veggie salad, and packs of instant noodles with snails.

While driving home, I happened to remember that Streets of Fire has an insanely good soundtrack and queued it up on my phone. Thank goodness for mobile Internet service!

Another playlist that I had for the drive included Jazz covers of famous anime tunes by Platina Jazz.