⚜ Townships Sightseeing 1

⚜ Townships Sightseeing 1
The Bird House

For the long weekend, I'm on a trip to the Eastern Townships of Quebec with the household. With a short, 2-hour drive, we safely arrived at Sherbrooke and started our 2-day visit with lunch at Caffucino. Both Willow and I got the special-of-the-day: the Tuna wrap with a side of crispy, herb-seasoned potato wedge fries. Since it was lunchtime, it also included their soup-of-the-day (cream of carrot), a coffee, and a fresh-baked cookie.

Tuna Wrap Lunch

Our sightseeing started with a walk around the "Lac des Nations" (lake). As usual, the pets were the stars of the show – "OMG! A cat in a stroller!" was heard basically non-stop all around the tour of the lake.


After that, we checked-in at the hotel to freshen up, off-load the car, and then head out again for the next bit of sightseeing: a walk by the Magog Gorge, specifically around the part with the dams/waterfalls. It was a lot shorter than I had expected. We ended up touring the residential streets to make a circular route back to the car. The next idea was to go scope out the downtown zone, but the weather suddenly turned bad with extreme wind gusts, dust storms, and rain. People on bicycles were literally getting tossed around by the sudden extreme weather! We decided to head back to the hotel and then make plans for dinner.

Chicken Dinner

Dinner was just a short drive away (everything is within 15 minutes here, really!) at Brasserie Seigneurie. Willow ordered a bucket of mussels and I had a chicken brochette. It was all tasty and satisfying. Ah, foodie life!

Mussel Dinner