🥐 Foodie Vacation Micro-dosing: Day 3 Report

🥐 Foodie Vacation Micro-dosing: Day 3 Report

A lazy Sunday morning was needed to have us sufficiently rested for another tour of the Greater Toronto Metropolitan Area. We decided on sleeping-in and that led to waking up only around 09h00, getting up at 09h30, and basically only leaving the hotel at 11h00. Even Koki was groggy this morning! 😆

We tried having brunch at Elephant Grind Coffee, but, they had a huge waiting list so we opted to pass on that and substituted that with going to T&T Supermarket. They had so many fresh and tasty foods to choose!

After that, we continued the day with a drive fairly far up north to pick up an online order of premium pet food from First Choice for Pets.

Egg Club's BLT

With that side-quest done, we drove back southwards to have lunch in North York. Willow found a new "best Chinese food" in Chengdu Wonton, and I was pleasantly surprised by the BLT sandwich from Egg Club.


The afternoon activity consisted of visiting Curiosa, the shop of wonderful things. The staff there are super lovely people and experts with many of the unique items in their stock! It's definitely worthwhile to pay them a visit!

"Bebop!" & "Tiger Uppercuts Tattoo!" @ Pai

Our dinner was some really tasty Northern Thai cuisine at Pai. Their decor recreates an lively Thailand street-life atmosphere. On Saturday nights, things really rock out with their live-stage performers. So that's the "best night to visit" recommendation in the future.