🍰 Foodie Vacation Micro-dosing: Day 2 Report

🍰 Foodie Vacation Micro-dosing: Day 2 Report

What is sleep? Is it delicious? Can I eat it?

So... I only got to sleep at 02h00 instead of at any reasonable time, but that's okay! Actually, I was investing my time into playing Princess Connect Re:Dive. There's an ongoing, monthly "Clan Battle" event, so my group of around 30 people each need to do their daily contribution to scoring points against big bosses this weekend. This month's main boss is "the sheep". Lots of excitement due to having a couple of new powerhouse characters to play with, but also lots of trouble in being able to min-max them.

Onwards and upwards, the day was started at 06h00!

Magic Noodle

For breakfast, we first tried the St-Lawrence market because Willow wanted to have time to spare to go swimming at the hotel. Unfortunately, none of the food interested her so we ended up doing the drive up to North York for noodles by Magic Noodle. Their Smoked Duck is particularly tasty!

All Day Dim Sum

After that, we headed back to the hotel, rested to pay down the lack of sleep, and then prepared to meet an ol' friend who had moved to Toronto recently. The "all day dim sum" restaurant, Rol San Restaurant, was surprisingly cool! The food service was very fast with high quality food, and the table service always kept our tea pot filled on their own initiative! So refreshing from the lackluster service that Montreal offers in its dim-sum restaurants.

After lunch, we had to rush back to the hotel to do checkout and move ourselves to the next hotel, located in Markham. For some reason, the masses have swarmed hotels today. Everybody's doing check-in and the hotels are basically full.

Hot Pot

With the next basecamp setup, Willow and I went to some truly world-class dinning and entertainment at the Haidilao Hot Pot restaurant. High quality ingredients, a massive variety of them, cat-robot food movers, and even two different types of dancers: face-changers, who instantly flip through all sorts of faces; and noodle-dancers, who literally dance some dough into freshly made noodles!

Sugar Marmalade

Finally, we'll be going to pick up a midnight snack at a place called Sweet Marmalade to mark the end of this epic food tour day.