🛀 Bubble bubble, foil and cuddle

🛀 Bubble bubble, foil and cuddle
Blue Duck Group - Rubber Duckie #1

I live a long way from the holy land of hot springs and pop culture, Japan, but, I can manage to have a little taste of the wonders from that hyper-advanced culture of worldly pleasures at home with the help of two handy items.

  1. A thermometer
  2. A green-tea flavoured bath bomb, sealed in foil for maximum freshness

There happens to be a formula for my particular bathtub for setting up a perfect bath, too:

  • Turn on faucet at MAX heat setting.
  • Start 6 minute countdown timer.
  • On timer ringing, adjust the faucet temperature to around 60% heat.
  • Add any bath bombs or bubble bath stuff into the mix at this point.
  • Re-start another 6 minute countdown.
  • On timer ringing, use the thermometer to check the temperature; and take another 1 minute or so to add either colder water or hotter water to do a final adjustment.
  • Finally, toss in 1 to 3 little rubber duckies.

Et voila, the bath is prepared!